Solid gold metal is a precious soft metal which has been valued for centuries for its stunning radiance and for being non reactive and tarnish resistant. Pure gold is 24 karats, and any gold metal with less than 24 karats is an alloy (meaning that it is mixed with other metals to increase durability). For people with busy and active lifestyles (i.e. most women we know!), 14 karat gold is an A+ option for being stronger and more scratch resistant in comparison to 18 karat gold or pure 24 karat gold.

To clean your solid gold pieces, gently wash the pieces in warm water with mild dish soap. Since gold is a soft metal, be sure to use care when cleaning between crevices and pat the piece dry with your polishing cloth! Repeat as often as needed.

Pure 24K gold does not tarnish, but any alloy has a chance of potentially tarnishing. To prevent your gold pieces from becoming discolored or dull--  remove gold jewelry before using soaps, lotions, perfumes. These can cause buildup or a film on your piece and make your jewelry appear dull. Avoid harsh chemicals or foods with high acidity levels. 

To prevent scratches, we recommend storing your solid gold pieces in a lined jewelry case.